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We are asking for you help

It is with great sadness we, the members of Local 4119, are asking for your help. On August 14, 2021 our brother Mitch Winkelmann suffered a severe spinal cord injury. The prognosis is unknown at this point however we are positive it will be a long difficult road. The members of Local 4119 ask for your help and consideration in making a donation to the go fund me account set up to assist Mitch. This tragedy is especially heart breaking as Mitch has only been with the Mt. Prospect Fire Department for a little over two years and was just recently married to his wife Sarah last year. Please keep Mitch and his family in your thoughts for a strong recovery.

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Our Newest member

We would like to welcome our newest member, Probationary Firefighter Matthew Ekner. He will be sworn in on Monday August 16th with badge number 191. We look forward to Matthew to be a quick study as he furthers his career with the members of Mt. Prospect Local 4119. Please welcome Matthew as he begins this chapter.

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Excited to announce

After being appointed on an interim basis on April 16th, John Dolan is being appointed to lead our fire department as Fire Chief on Tuesday June 15th. One of the many decisions Chief Dolan made was on April 27th to appoint Lt. Tom Wang to interim Deputy Chief. This appointment will also become permanent on Tuesday June 15th. To fill the vacancy left by the appointment of Lt. Wang, FF/P Brad Bocox will be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant at the combined ceremony also on June 15th. The members of Local 4119 look forward the new leadership and want to congratulate Fire Chief Dolan, Deputy Chief Wang and Lt. Bocox.

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Best Wishes to Fire Chief Brian Lambel

Chief Lambel is retiring from the Mt. Prospect Fire Department after twenty-one years of dedicated service. We the members of Local 4119 would like to extend our warmest wishes to Brian while he continues his journey of dedicated civil service as he begins his new role, Fire Chief for the Village of Wilmette. Brian spent many years with Local 4119 as an Executive Board member helping through multiple labor management outcomes. As such his leadership skills were unmistakable and his advancement through the ranks was inevitable. We have been very fortunate to follow his leadership over the past five years during his time as Fire Chief for Mt. Prospect. Labor management between Local 4119 and the Village of Mt. Prospect has been strengthened do to the efforts and service of Chief Lambel. Thank you for your service and best of luck in your new role.

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Assistance for Lt Christiansen's wife

Please consider donating to the Christensen family in their time of need.

This is Richard & Kim's Story:

My wife has been dealing with multiple sclerosis for 25 years. She has relapsing remitting form which means that gradually overtime she has declined in mobility and health related to the MS. The MS has affected mostly her left side resulting in weakness in her arm and leg and she has lost 40% of her vision in her left eye due to damage from optic neuritis from the MS. Kim has adapted well and learned her limitations with all this.

Then tragically on December 22 at 8 PM, Kim suffered a major stroke that resulted in her losing her speech and all of her right side. The stroke was in her left medial cerebral artery (the main blood supply left side of brain) and the doctors had to go in and retrieve the clot as she was not a candidate for TPA. She had an ischemic stroke caused by vasculitis that the neurologist believes was caused by the MS medicines Kim was on. Kim Spent seven days in the ICU and then a step down unit.

On New Year’s Day, she was then transferred to an acute rehab hospital. By this time Kim was speaking a few words, but it was obvious she had cognitive as well as short term memory issues related to the stroke besides the loss of her right side which, is also her dominant side. Kim was there for three weeks where she did extensive rehab to learn how to use her left side as much as possible. Kim came home on January 24 and to be perfectly honest, I was scared to death how I was going to take care of her. Mind you, due to COVID, I only got to see Kim once the whole time before she came home. Kim still needs extensive rehab as we have a nurse that comes once a week. Occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy come twice a week for the next month and reevaluate her each month. Kim has been improving baby steps and so thankful for that, but she has a long road ahead of her yet.

Currently, Kim is in a wheelchair and is sleeping in a hospital bed in our living room that is on the first floor and I sleep on an air mattress next to her so I can be close to her. Our house is a two-story house and my ultimate goal is to be able to get her to sleep in her own bed upstairs and to be able to take a shower as there are no showers on the main level and all I can do is give her sponge baths. There are many things I am grateful for, the support of family and friends, family that is taking care of Kim so I can go to work. But I am really surprised what insurance doesn't cover: Mobility devices, stairlift systems, rehab equipment, etc. Some of which is just astronomical priced.

Thank you very much for reading this and considering to donate for my wife so I can try and give her a life as close to normal as I can.

Richard Christensen

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MDA Fill the Boot

Local 4119 has been participating in the Muscular Dystrophy Fill the Boot campaign for years, but unfortunately we were unable to hit the streets boot in hand this year because of Covid-19. Please help us and MDA this year by donating on our MDA page. Thank You!

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Welcome to our Brotherhood

We would like to welcome our newest member. FF/P Larry Matthies was sworn in on Monday November 2nd with badge number 190. We are fortunate in that Larry has already obtained his Basic Operations Firefighter thus will be placed on shift starting Tuesday November 17th. Larry will be assigned to Black shift. Let's all congratulate Larry on his new career.

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Best of Luck on your Retirement

After 30 years of service with the Mt. Prospect Fire Department, we are excited to join in saying have a great retirement to Jeff Hunt. Jeff will be leaving his Black shift crew mates on Thursday October 29th. Jeff always brought a good laugh and relaxed atmosphere to the fire house, he will be surly missed. Have a great retirement Jeff and keep having fun.

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Our newest member

The members of 4119 would like to congratulate probationary FF/P Michael Ralston. Michael will be sworn in on Monday September 14, 2020. Although the ceremony will be semi-private we hope the entire community welcomes Michael as he embarks on his career with the Village of Mt. Prospect. Michael will be attending the fire academy at NIPSTA starting October 12th and upon completion will be assigned to Red shift.

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Well Deserved Congratulations!

We would like to congratulate two members on their recent promotions.

First Lt. Todd Novak was appointed to the position of Battalion Chief. Chief Novak will be assigned to shift commander of Red shift which was vacated by Chief Randy Uidl in June.

Second FF/P Jon Schram was appointed to the position of Lieutenant. Lt. Schram will be assigned to take the position vacated by Chief Novak as the Lieutenant on Red shift at station 12.

The strong work and dedication by both of you is truly a benefit to our entire community. Congratulations again!

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The members of Local 4119 would like to extend out wishes for a relaxing and enjoyable retirement to B/C Uidl. Chief Randy Uidl, thank you for your dedication to our department and the citizens of Mount Prospect. Congratulations!

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Covid-19 information

Here's a a link to the World Health Organization Covid-19 info page.


THis is a link to a page from the CDC regarding children and Covid-19


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Happy Holidays!

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Our two newest members

We would like to welcome the two newest members to Local 4119. Brothers Matthew Dahl and Vito LaPorta will be sworn in on Monday October 1st. We are glad to have them join the ranks of our organization. Best of luck on your careers.

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A new Brother!

We would still like to Congratulate Ken Winger on his appointment to the Mt. Prospect Fire Department. Ken will be heading to the NIPSTA Fire Training Academy for their summer session. Best of luck to you Ken in the academy and Congrats on your new career with MPFD

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Congats to Jim Ingebrigtsen

After 20 years of service we are proud of FF/P Jim Ingebrigtsen and congratulate him on the announcement of his retirement. Jim spent four years on 4119's Executive board. Three of them pulling double duty as Secretary / Treasurer. Jim thank you for your service keeping the citizens of Mt. Prospect safe and Thank You for your dedication to your brothers in 4119. Be safe and enjoy.

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Irish Fest!

Come on out to Irish Fest in Mount Prospect this Friday and Saturday where MPFD Local 4119 members will be selling hotdogs and hamburgers, and some awesome Irish themed local 4119 T-shirts! Proceeds will be going to fight Cystic Fibrosis. The weather is going to be sunny and warmish!

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Welcoming a new member

With the recent retirements we are happy to announce the hiring of Probationary Firefighter Paramedic Christopher Young. Chris will be sworn in on Monday February 12th in the training room of Fire Station 13. Congratulations on your new career with the Mt. Prospect Fire Department and the brothers of Local 4119.

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Congratulations to Dale Steward

The members of Local 4119 would like to send our warmest wishes of happiness and joy as we congratulate Firefighter Paramedic Dale Steward, badge number 66, on his retirement. Dale has been an integral part of Local 4119, serving in some capacity of our executive board or union committee since inception in 2001. Most notably Dale's time on the executive board consisted of Vice President for six years and President for another six years. Dale has prospered with the Political Action Committee as well as organizing and participating in multiple Fire Ops 101 programs. Please help us in recognizing all the countless hours given to the members of 4119, devotion to the Mt. Prospect Fire Department and dedication to the citizens of Mt. Prospect that Dale has provided.

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Happy New Year!

The Mount Prospect Firefighter Union would like to wish all it's members, the Fire Department Administration and the citizens of Mount Prospect a healthy, happy, and safe new year!

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Promotion of Joe Knoll

We are very happy to support the promotion of Joe Knoll to the rank of Lieutenant / Paramedic. Joe will be sworn into his new position on Monday, November 20th at 4pm. The ceremony will be taking place at the Mt. Prospect public safety building located at 112 E Northwest Hwy Mt. Prospect. Congratulations to Joe on this career accomplishment.

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Congratulations on retirement

After 25 years of dedicated service to the citizens of Mt. Prospect it is with sadness and joy that we join in celebrating the retirement of Lt. / Paramedic Phil Buffalo badge number 102 from the Fire Department. A reception is scheduled at the Mt. Prospect Fire Department located at 112 E. Northwest Hwy Mt. Prospect on Wednesday, November 15, 2017, at 4pm. Best of luck to you Lt. and stay safe.

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Time to enjoy

It is with bittersweet happiness that we say good-bye to Firefighter / Paramedic Ken Dix badge number 104. Ken will be retiring (however we are sure we will be seeing him) after 23 years of dedicated service to the citizens of Mt. Prospect. Best of luck in all your future, stay safe.

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Congratulations are deserved for two

We would like to extend our congratulations to Jordan Hook and Frank Cinardi on their appointment to the position of Probationary Firefighter Paramedics with the Mt. Prospect Fire Department. Jordan will be sworn in with badge number 180 while Frank will be sworn in with badge number 181. The ceremony took place July 10th at the Mt. Prospect Fire Department training room at 4pm. Welcome to the department gentleman, best of luck on your career.

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Another new face, Congratulations to Mark Mammoser

As we arrive in the summer months, we would like to welcome to Mark Mammoser to our membership. Probationary Firefighter Mammoser will be sworn in with badge number 179 on Monday, June 26, 2017, at 4pm. The ceremony will take place in the training room of the Mount Prospect Public Safety building. Congratulations again to Mark on his new career.

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Time to welcome Nicholas Gudmunson

We are continuing 2017 with more good news.  The members of 4119 would like to extend our welcome to Nicholas Gudmunson to our membership.  Probationary Firefighter Paramedic Gudmunson will be sworn in with badge number 178 on Monday April 3rd 2017 at 4pm.  The ceremony will take place in the training room of the Mount Prospect Public Safety building.  Congratulations to Nicholas on his new career.  

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Brian Halverson's retirement

We would like to thank FF/P Brian Halverson for his 27 years of dedicated service to the citizens of Mt. Prospect. The knowledge and experience Brian has passed down to the members of the department is beyond measure. Farewell brother, stay in touch and best of luck in retirement.

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Welcome to our newest member Joseph DeLutio

We would like to welcome our new brother to Local 4119. Badge number 176 Probationary Firefighter / Paramedic Joseph "Joey" Delutio. Joey was sworn in on Monday December 5th 2016. The ceremony took place at the Mount Prospect Public Safety Building. Congratulations to Joey on his new career.

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FF/PM Brendan Keady

The firefighters of local 4119 would like to congratulate Firefighter/Paramedic Brendan Keady on his recent retirement from the Mount Prospect Fire Department after 30 years of dedicated service. Congratulations on your retirement BK, enjoy your retirement!

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Donations for Mt. Prospect Toys for Kids

We are proud to once again be a part of the Mt. Prospect Toys for kids program. The program is sponsored by the Mt. Prospect Fire Department with a partnership of the Mt. Prospect Human Services Department. Last year the program was able to provide for over 300 kids of more than 125 families in Mt. Prospect. This program directly helps those in our community. Please consider making a donation of a new, unwrapped toy or gift card to any of the three Mt. Prospect Fire houses. Donations will be accepted through Friday, December 9th. The program truly brings together the meanings of giving, compassion, and community throughout the holiday season

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Fill the boot

We are proud to announce that this years Muscular Dystrophy Fill the Boot drive raised $6,415.02. The money that is raised helps families in need with medical bills, supplies and so much more. All of the hard work and time is much appreciated by the local families and children that receive the benefits.

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Our newest member, Welcome Luke Rypkema

It is with great joy we welcome Local 4119's newest brother, badge number 175, Luke Rypkema. Luke will be sworn in as Mt. Prospect's latest Probationary Firefighter / Paramedic on Monday July 11th at 4pm. The ceremony will take place at the Mount Prospect Public Safety Building in the first floor training room. Congratulations to Luke on his new career.

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Welcome our newest member John Marlowe

It is with great pleasure we welcome our new brother to Local 4119. Badge number 174 Probationary Firefighter John Marlowe. John will be sworn in on Tuesday May 17th at 4:30pm. The ceremony will take place at the Mount Prospect Public Safety Building in the first floor training room. Congratulations to John on his new career.

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March 16th Promotions

Please join us in celebrating the promotions of Fire Chief Lambel, Deputy Chief John Dolan, and Lieutenants Matt Woleben, Tom Wang, Richard Schwegler and Todd Novak .

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AFFI Honor Guard Induction

Firefighters Kevin Feidler, Tim Skalon, Matt Takoy, and Ben Johnson were inducted into the AFFI Honor Guard representing IAFF local 4119 this weekend. Congratulations to all the new inductees!

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Congrats to our 6 newest members

The members of 4119 wish to welcome the 6 newest members of the Mt. Prospect Fire Department. We look forward to working with you and passing along the traditions and pride of the Mt. Prospect Fire Department.

Probationary Firefighter / Paramedic Andrew Maynard
Probationary Firefighter / Paramedic Michael Filpi
Probationary Firefighter / Paramedic Joseph Salecki
Probationary Firefighter / Paramedic Joshua Wojnowski
Probationary Firefighter Ryan Lawler
Probationary Firefighter / Paramedic John "Jack" Kelly

These candidates signify the pieces of the puzzle needed to place Engine 13 back in service. Congratulations again to all of you, we look forward to working with you soon.
Best of luck in this great career.

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Fallen Chicago firefighter

The Mount Prospect Firefighters wish to extend our sympathy to the Chicago Fire Department on the loss of one of their own.
Paramedic/FireFighter Daniel Capuana gave his life in the line of duty today, December 14th, at about 3.30 am while fighting a fire on Chicago's south east side. Dan leaves behind his wife Julie, and three children; Amanda, Andrew, and Nicholas. Please keep them in your prayers.

Daniel had also been a firefighter for the Palatine Rural fire department. Our condolences also extend our neighbors at Palatine Rural.

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Sams Place to help area food pantry

Local 4119 members Mike Murphy and Kevin Swat presenting Sam's Place owner Al Marinakos with a raffle prize for the 31st Annual Feed the Children event. The charity raffle and event will take place December 19th beginning at 9 p.m. Proceeds go to providing non-perishable food items to area food pantries,including Village of Mount Prospect Human Services pantry. Last year alone Sam's was able to donate 24 pallets of food and house hold items for local residents in need. Sam's Place is located at 15 W Prospect Ave. Mt. Prospect and can be reached at 847-870-7371. 4119 is proud to to be a part of this great cause.

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4119 and Mt. Prospect Fire Department Decorates Trees

Members and families of 4119 along with Fire Department administration are happy to spread the holiday cheer by decorating trees for the Operation North Pole event held on Saturday December 12th. This event gives children with terminal illnesses and their families the opportunity to enjoy the celebrations of the season.

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Toy Drive

Help families of Mount Prospect in need by donating new, unwrapped toys and gifts. Donations are distributed with the assistance of the Human Services Department. Donations are accepted at all three Mt. Prospect Fire stations through Saturday, December 12th. Thank you for your kindness this holiday season.

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Local 4119 is proud to support the partnership between the Outback Steak House and the Mt. Prospect Fire Department. Outback has pledged to donate a monetary portion from your dining experience to the Mt. Prospect toy drive. This offer is only available at the newly opened Outback Steak House in the Randhurst shopping center and is set for December 10th between 11am and 1030pm. Fliers can be picked up at any of the three Mt. Prospect Fire Stations, between now and December 10th. Thank You to Outback Steak House for such generosity.

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The mustache contest to raise awareness for Men’s health issues starts up this Sunday.

The rules will be as follows:

Individuals participating in said contest must shave their upper lip on October 31st (Saturday).
Individuals participating in said contest must have their mustache intact on November 30.
Individuals participating in said contest must abide by all department facial hair policies.

Each member will be "competing" in each of the following categories:

1) Best overall
2) The “Burt Reynolds” Award (Mustache most exhibiting the style of Mr. Reynolds)
3) Creepiest
4) Worst

On November 30, everyone who participates will send a selfie photo of themselves and their “final form” mustache.

While it’s not mandatory, we are encouraging everyone who is participating to join our “Movember” team online and raise money from their friends and family. Simply follow the link, tell your friends it’s really a great site with lots of interesting information about the ways the money will help men all over the world.

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Congrats to our newest members

It is with great pleasure we welcome our new brothers to Local 4119. Badge number 166 John Liebgott and badge number 167 Seth McCrory. John will be heading to the NIPSTA training academy in Glenview while Seth is to start on shift and will be assigned to Red shift. Best of luck to both of you.

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New Interim Fire Chief

The members of Local 4119 would like to extend our congratulations to Deputy Fire Chief Brian Lambel as he is promoted to Interim Fire Chief. Chief Lambel separated from the Union in 2013 upon his promotion to Battalion Chief, however spent many years on the executive board of Local 4119 and his leadership will prove monumental in directing the path of the fire department in years to come.

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New Interim Deputy Fire Chief

The members of Local 4119 would also like to take a moment and congratulate Lt. John Dolan on his promotion to Interim Deputy Fire Chief. Lt. Dolan has been a great asset to the Local and we wish him well in his new role. Lt. Dolan will be separating from 4119, leaving station 12 Red shift to begin his duties as Deputy and we look forward to working with him on the goals set forth on operations.

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Retirement of Chief Malcolm

Local 4119 would like to congratulate Fire Chief John Malcolm on his retirement from the village of Mt. Prospect. Chief Malcolm has led the fire department since 2010 and was instrumental on the departments award of a SAFER grant to restore members lost from prior to his taking the Chiefs role in 2010. Over the course of his 29 year career with Mt. Prospect he has been influential on many members and citizens and his retirement will be felt, but we are all better for the leadership and management he provided. Best of luck Chief on your future endeavors.

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Firefighter Rodeman of Lansing FD

The Mount Prospect firefighters would like to express our condolences for Brother Rodeman of Lansing IAFF L1421 who apparently was intentionally struck & killed by a motorist while collecting for MDA.

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Last night, August 18th, the Village Board took a roll call vote to accept the $1.3M SAFER Grant to restore the six lost positions from 2010. Over this last year in a true collaborative manner, Local 4119 members and Fire Administrative staff put together a plan to better educate the political structure of Mount Prospect. All resources were brought to the table and now as a result of those efforts, the Mount Prospect Fire Department will once again be at a higher level of manning, which will help us keep village residents and firefighters safe.

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Local 4119, would like to congratulate Lieutenant Jim Flory on his illustrious 29 year career with the Mount Prospect Fire Department. Enjoy your retirement brother, you've earned it! (now go make some beer)

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Local 4119 wishes to congratulate FF/PM Rich Christiansen on his promotion to Lieutenant! Congrats Rich!

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Lizzie Chamberlain, a special visitor.

Local 4119 is proud to announce a special guest visit of Lizzie Chamberlain, Muscular Dystrophy Association Goodwill Ambassador for the State of Illinois. 12 year old Lizzie is champion for MDA, helping firefighters across the state raise funds and awareness for debilitating muscular diseases. Lizzie and her family will stop by Mt. Prospect Fire Station 13 on Thursday, June 11 for lunch and to tell her story of what a difference, MDA has made for her.

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St. Baldrick's

On May 9th firefighters and Police from Mt. Prospect were shaved bald in support of Pediatric Cancer research, raising money for the St. Baldrick's Pediatric Reaserch Foundation. The event raised about $18000.00

Shavees were:

Tom Wang
Phil Wnek
Ben Johnson
Jim Kuhar
Aaron Losoff (AKA Craig Rodewald)
Mark Pope (Ret.)

Firefighters Wang, Rodewald, and Kuhar get shaved.

Officer Hoskinson, giving the love to Firefighter Mark Pope (Ret)



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